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Hardware migration

Do you want to move your hardware from your office to a data center, or from data center A to data center B? We can take this off your hands completely. It is very important to ensure that this is done by people with knowledge of hardware and networking. After all, you want your hardware to arrive without hairline cracks and that your servers are immediately connected correctly in the new data center. We can take all this off your hands.

How does this work?

Imagine: you want to move a full rack (+ – 42 servers) from Datacenter A to Datacenter B. You do not have the right means of transport and / or knowledge. This can quickly become a problem in your mind. Perhaps this is one reason why you continue to host at a data center where you would rather not stay, but should stay because you cannot arrange the transition yourself. ServerFIX is the right party for you here. We can fully facilitate the transition for you. We can even move you to our own data center if desired. In addition, we can also migrate in phases so that you will experience as little downtime as possible. We also ensure that your servers are neatly placed in the new data center. In addition, we can immediately take all the support off your hands by managing the servers both from our office or physically for you. In principle, we can take over the entire server management of your server park. This is of course not necessary, but these options are available.

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