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About us

ServerFIX is an enthusiastic group of system administrators who have at least 11 years of work experience in the field of Windows / Linux server management and network management. The management of ServerFIX currently also operates its own data center, which means that all knowledge is available in-house at ServerFIX. This allows us to offer custom solutions for our customers as well as standard support solutions and deposit follow-up.

System management naturally starts with monitoring and preventing problems. For this you have come to the right place at ServerFIX. We ensure that we map your network and servers and manage where necessary. You will also receive a monthly report of any server or network problems that we have stopped or have encountered.

Monitoring hardware and network is key. Prevention is better than cure.


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Why ServerFIX?
We do not see ourselves as a cost item. We earn ourselves back twice over. If you have a ServerFIX subscription you will immediately save on system administration costs. After all, you do not have to hire system administrators yourself, who then have nothing to do 90% of the time since everything is running well. ServerFIX is therefore the ideal solution to manage your servers cost efficiently. With ServerFIX you don’t get any surprises afterwards. The price is clear in advance and you will not be surprised. After all, if you do not know anything about system administration yourself, system administrators can quickly take advantage of this ignorance and charge you far too high costs. This is something that will never happen to you at ServerFIX.