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Cable management

Very recognizable; the chaotic cable nightmares at some companies in the “server rooms”. Because of the spaghetti you no longer see the servers. Besides the fact that the maintenance of servers is no longer laborious in this way, it also ensures that servers wear out much faster because the temperature rises much more than with a neatly wired server cabinet. This ensures a much better airflow and therefore also ensures a much longer life of your hardware. All in all, there are many advantages with correct cabling of your hardware.

We at ServerFIX have over 11 years of experience working in data centers and the correct cabling of servers. We can therefore arrange this for your company as a whole and, if desired, also maintain it. Do you currently have spaghetti chaos in your server room or data center? Please contact us quickly, we can also reorder your entire server space on a one-off basis and label and wire everything correctly. This ensures that you can maintain your servers in an orderly manner.